Sometimes a passion starts and gets transferred over generations. So I think I need to thank cousine Jeanne, great-aunt of my mom as the instigator. On family holidays my mom would go down in the far south of France and be introduced to a culinary world much different to the one she was used to in Belgium. My mother still recounts in awe as cousine Jeanne spent hours and days in the kitchen preparing elaborate dinners and making her own puff pastry. My mom kept this French influence and made it part of my culinary education. Cooking and baking was a normal thing at home and a marker for love, celebration and tradition.

Since J. and I have been together our passion has been ever-growing and overflowing. For me cooking and baking has three great pleasures: first of all eating it, second of all the pleasure of sharing it and lastly the great return on your time and effort invested in it. It is a rewarding thing to see yourself getting better, improving and even experimenting.

We’d like to use this blog to share our passion for food (and my passion for photography) by presenting you some family recipes and some tried and tested recipes from our favourite cookbooks. Bringing the best of all worlds that me and J. love: France, Belgium and the UK.

Hope you’ll like it!